Car Show

What is Genesis?

Genesis is the first ever car show event done in collaboration between hawk’n'poke and Hellaflush, held at Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera. hawk’n'poke, being the pioneer of ‘proper modifications’ concept in Indonesia has decided to invite Hellaflush over to Indonesia to create this monumental collaboration event. “The time has come for a new dawn,” as the tagline says.

Genesis Car Show

Genesis Car Show is intended to showcase the best of Indonesian modified rides. A collaboration between hawk’n'poke and Hellaflush means that all kinds of modification styles are invited to participate. Exotics, performance, stance, Hellaflush, all are welcome to join. Focusing on the quality of showcased cars, all participants will be pre-inspected prior to the event. No extreme custom bodykits, no fake wheels, no low quality custom parts; this is a car show event strictly for the most clean and proper rides.
Participants should register via the form below. Only 100 spots are available, so be quick.


Only pre-inspected cars can join. First pre-inspection meet is at Plaza Senayan Monolog parking area, 6 January 2013 starting 7AM.
Registration fee of Rp 1,000,000 apply to approved participants.
We do offer FREE registration to ten (10) participants with the best Hellaflush rides. Click here for details: Hellaflush
All participants will receive exclusive GENESIS memorabilia, sponsor goody bags and have a chance to win the lucky draw prizes worth Rp 20,000,000!

Car Show registration has been closed.